Qualitative daycare

For information please call Wendy Honsbeek: + 31 20 672 21 05 She’ll be pleased to inform you about availability and the daycare services.

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If you want to combine work and care, you need a nursery that connect to it perfectly. It starts with quality and quality childcare. Altijd Lente (Always Spring) gives you that security. With us, your child a safe and familiar environment, maximum flexibility and continuity in services where necessary, for you and your child.

What makes Altijd Lente special?
Especially our way thinking and working. That ensures that children can be themselves and to feel free in the group. Each child receives the stimulus appropriate to his or her individuality. Our people are structurally supported in educational practice and are challenged to develop it further. The educational support centers is always available

Kindercentrum Altijd Lente

020 - 644 44 32

Vestiging 1 & postadres:
Willemsparkweg 211 H
1071 HC Amsterdam
Registratie 137157587

Vestiging 2:
Willemsparkweg 148 O
1071 HS Amsterdam
Registratie 135535359

Registratienummers Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB):
100008283 (211), 10033105 (148)

Kindercentrum Altijd Lente. Al 23 jaar niet zomaar een kinderdagverblijf